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Our Philosophy

College Students are frustrated and we extinguish that frustration. TakeNote Global believes in offering better solutions for students all around the world. We plan on continually creating innovations that will help benefit the student and lead them to a life of success. Founded by two college students, we are dedicated to helping to create a better learning environment for all.


Johnathan McGowan
Johnathan McGowanFounder - Chief Executive Officer
Mr. McGowan has previous experience building businesses. His prior experience is the backbone to his vision of creating the best educational company in the world. Mr. McGowan manages marketing and product development.

Fun Fact: “I think penguins are the funniest creatures on earth.”

Kevin Li
Kevin LiFounder - Product Developer/Social Media
Mr. Li is amongst the few to have endeavored through the many faces of the magic industry. He has created, published, and lectured on his creative product process with top industry leaders. Mr. Li is in charge of refining the product to its fullest potential and filming/editing engaging content for social media.

Fun Fact: “I’m a performer at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.”

Cameron Polinsky
Cameron PolinskyWeb Developer
Mr. Polinsky is a student at Citrus College. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Mr. Polinsky has several electronic and computer skills. Mr. Polinsky has developed crucial skills in communication and dealing with the technological aspects of building our platform.

Fun Fact: “I’ve always wanted to get into cartoons and voice acting.”