//TakeNote Global History So Far

TakeNote Global History So Far

We are Takenote Global, a small group of students from California that want to help out others like us. Johnathan R. Mcgowan and Kevin Li found each other in Cal Poly and realized that the current textbook rental process can get frustrating. They decided it can be improved. After some thought, they each came up with the clear page cover that we offer today. Along the way, John picked Cam Polinsky up on the project. After showing off a brief project demo to him, Cam was ready to be onboard. Cam threw down some money to help get things moving, and TakeNote Global rose off the ground.

It took a couple of samples to get the perfect product, earlier models were too thick and didn’t feel right to annotate on. After a couple samples were shipped, we had finally found the perfect thickness. We had a small shipment of those sent to us, and are getting ready to sell them in student stores all around different colleges and schools. It’s really amazing how fast our project has moved forward. We only founded the company a couple of months back, and now we’re already ready to start selling a finished product. Our manufacturer has told us they’ve never seen anybody moving along this fast. I guess it just goes to show how quickly you can get something off the ground if you’re as determined to make it as John is.

We have a promotional video for our product that we plan to record very soon, we’ve just ran into a little trouble with locations. We’re hoping to really blow it out of the water, As soon as we get that video up, we can raise even more awareness for TakeNote and possibly hire some more team members. We hope in the future to get plenty more people on this team, and find even more ways to help students like us. Because if we students are able to make a product like this out of just a simple idea, what’s to stop our classmates from accomplishing even greater things with our help?

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